It’s 2 and I haven’t eaten anything yet. 

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Title: Calm Me Down
Artist: Mother Mother
Album: Eureka
Played: 3157 times


Mother Mother | Calm Me Down

Use your body
Use it to put me to sleep
Your body, ooh
Soothe my soul
So beautiful

'Yes, this plaque officially states that someone thinks I am cute. Oh I know it's a huge honor thank you.' 

i did in fact steal his shutter shades i never claimed to be a good sister. //

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Title: Ho Hey
Artist: The Lumineers
Album: The Lumineers
Played: 38 times

i wasnt even sure if i should have posted a mun day picture so instead please take this cap of a photo battle between my brother and i

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i cant believe i had to delete that and put this in a text post because tumblr resized it

oh wait…. i cAN believe it!!

skrapping I will carry you there.

skrapping For work?

skrapping That doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest. He’s huge.

I can’t tell if no one is awake or if the application isn’t updating my dash.

On the other hand I’m too tired for anything like that most of the time. 

How come I don’t get annoying anon messages. 

i get al phrbrhrbh and pptohthtnnthtn when people sey they like my rping // 

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